10 Minute Rest

TL;DR Version

  • A “rest period” is 10 minutes of uninterrupted rest, doing nothing more than conversation and light activity.
  • All character abilities and class features that were previously granted “per day” are instead granted “per rest period.” This includes rage, smite, wild shape, etc.
  • Spellcasters recover all of their Standard spells after a rest period, but are required to spend action points in order to recover Limited or Restricted spells (see Spellcasting, below).
  • Characters are healed up to 50% of their maximum, non-modified hit point total.
  • Any ongoing spell effects on characters are dispelled when the rest is
    complete, regardless of any duration they may have remaining. This does
    not apply to spells with instantaneous or permanent durations; however
    it does apply to spells either beneficial or harmful, regardless of their
  • As per normal, all spells and abilities are refreshed once every 24 hours, at no cost of action points.
Every Action Point spent during Rest allows a character to do one of the following:
  • Recover 100% of their non-modified hit points (fully heal).
  • Refresh all spell slots used to cast Limited spells (see Spellcasting, below).
  • Refresh one spell slot used to cast a Restricted spell (see Spellcasting, below).


Standard spells:
  • Any single-target spell with a duration of 1 min/level or less.
Limited spells:
  • Any area of effect or multiple-target spell.
  • Any single-target spell with a duration of 10 minutes/level or longer.
  • Any Conjuration (creation, calling, or teleport).
Restricted spells:
  • Any spell with an unusual/expensive material component.
  • The big three gamebreakers: Divination/Commune, Raise Dead, Teleport.
  • Spells that create permanent goods (water, food, iron).
  • At the DM’s discretion, any other spell which by reputation or overuse
    proves disruptive to the campaign (for example, spells that require no roll
    to affect the target and permit no defenses).

10 Minute Rest

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